10 8 / 2012

I watched an episode of Point of View on the pleasures of romance novels. It’s unfortunate that many of the commenters didn’t understand the POV of those interviewed. For me, I found the personalities of the readers charming and was impressed at their desires to improve themselves as a result of reading romance novels. One woman lost weight and updated her hair, makeup, clothes. A woman in Japan began taking ballroom dancing lessons that culminated in a shared dance competition experience with her husband, which probably would not have happened were it not for her reading romance novels. The various males interviewed, I found quirky and oddly, the women more stable.

As writers (and editors), how many of us have the opportunity to see inside the lives of our readers. And if we could, how would it shape our writing? Our thought processes? Would we change what we do and would it be for the better?

(Source: pbs.org)